Largest high school district in state isn't adjusting their security procedures anytime soon

Kern High School District sticks to security plan

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "No big changes, we feel we have pretty solid procedures in place that we've had for a number of years."

Kern High School District is the largest high school district in the state and with more than two dozen schools under it's wing, KHSD makes safety a top priority for the thousands of students who attend class every day.

KHSD's Police Chief, Mike Collier, says, "we are regularly training to prepare for any kind of emergency event that might happen on a campus."

School security measures across the nation have come under scrutiny after 26 children and teachers were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary when a gunman walked onto campus and began firing.

It happened here in Kern County as well after a student allegedly opened fire in a Taft High classroom.

The tragedies have spurred other districts across the country to add additional security; but local officials say they've examined their policies and procedures and they're confident they're prepared for the worst.

"we have implemented procedures that we think are pretty effective, pretty efficient. We've tried to plan for every possible scenario", Collier explained.


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