Law enforcement warns parents and students to be safe going back to school

Police want kids safe going back to school

It's back to school for kids around Kern County, and local law enforcement officers want you to keep a few things in mind as we go into the new school year.
With thousands of children walking to school this morning authorities not only want to make sure parents are keeping a vigilant eye out while behind the wheel, but also need kids to properly stay on crosswalks and sidewalks. 
The Traffic Safety Administration says 95 children under the age of 14 were killed in traffic-related crashes in California in 2012.
Police say pedestrian-versus-vehicle accidents and fatalities happen all throughout Bakersfield but are especially common on Union, Chester, California and Ming Avenues.
"I'm getting asked a lot, what can we do? And it's taking care of each other, caring about our neighbors, and being cautious," said Sgt. Joe Grubbs. 
Officers also say it's a good idea for students to wear bright clothes, and especially warn drivers to slow down during morning and afternoon traffic. 
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