Lawmakers consider banning soda and other fattening beverages from the foodstamp program CalFresh

CalFresh users put on a diet from lawmakers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - State Senator Michael Rubio introduced to legislation the proposal to modify the list of allowed food items that can be purchased under the food stamp program CalFresh to exclude many sweetened beverages containing more than ten calories per cup.

Some shoppers 23ABC News spoke to are against the ban and feel it is unfair to limit what people can purchase and consume.  While others said they feel the ban is necessary for children and their health.

Rubio said the proposed ban SB134 is simply the first step in trying to reverse the alarming obesity epidemic particularly among children.

Senior Health Educator Dr. Avtar said the obesity numbers are rising in Kern County and believes this ban will provide parents with the needed push to buy healthier foods and drinks for their families.

"It will encourage parents to go for the foods that are gunna support the overall health for your family, soda has no nutritional value to it." Dr. Avtar, further stated that one soda has over 17 teaspoons of sugar, which is three times more than the average adult or child should consume in a day.

CalFresh is paid for by the federal government, so the California Department of Social Services would have to get Washington's approval before it can ban coke and sugar based drinks from the program.

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