Leaders with the City of Bakersfield give people more reason to enjoy the park

City offers gym equipment at local park


City leaders are giving people in central Bakersfield more reason to get back in shape.  The Department of Recreation and Parks is setting up equipment you normally wouldn’t see in the outdoors and it’s not just for fitness enthusiast.

Health fitness therapist Steven Bartolotti is helping his patients exercise using new gym equipment at the Kern River Parkway.

“A lot of our patients, we want them to maintain a healthy weight and this is going to help burn more calories and stay active,” he said.

The group is part of the Center for Nuero Skills, which helps people through traumatic brain injuries.

One by one the patients take turns at each of the 11 exercise stations.

“With a little bit of guides and a little bit of experience, you can probably get to know some of the exercises pretty well.  These exercises are going to work for almost anybody’s level from beginning to expert because of the variations that you can do,” he said.

And there’s plenty to do.  The Triactive America Fitness equipment works different muscle groups at each of the stations.

“Upper body exercises you could actually do pull ups, you can do push-ups out here.  You can do dips, a lot of different exercises to get a total body workout,” he said.

Although the small hills at the park provide people with a good cardio workout, the area also benefits in a patient’s recovery, building strength and improving motion.

“I just think this is a great opportunity for people to get into shape and come out and get some exercises and this will be really nice during the summer months and spring months when it’s all dry.  Right now,  it’s a little damp because its winter but when it comes to spring and summer time this will be a great place to get a workout,” he said.

The exercise equipment at the Kern River Parkway is free and people can use the space individually or as a group.  By the way, all the workout stations are available during park hours. 

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