Leaving Daylight Saving Time means more pedestrian accidents

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - As you remember to set your clocks back one hour Sunday and gain an hour of sleep, traffic safety officials want to remind you to be extra cautious for pedestrians on the roadways starting Monday.

For most people, beginning Monday, the commute home will be in the dark. The BPD traffic department says drivers should be on the lookout for pedestrians because they won't be as easy to spot as they were the same hour the week before.

National statistics show that pedestrian-related traffic collisions go on the rise after the time change.

The advice for pedestrians and drivers is to see and be seen. Pedestrians should think about wearing bright or reflective clothing and drivers should be on the alert.

Some schools have made it a point to talk to their students about traffic safety. They also want to remind parents that a walk home from their friends house on Monday could be a bit more dangerous as it was on Friday, because it will be darker earlier.

Parents are advised to adjust family schedules so the kids will not be walking home in the dark.

Most of the pedestrian-related crashes this year have been related to distractions, alcohol and not paying attention to the traffic laws, both on the part of the driver and pedestrians.

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