Leticia Perez changes residency to become officially eligible to run for 16th district seat

Fran Florez leaves race, opens door for Perez

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Kern County supervisor Leticia Perez has changed her residency making her officially eligible to run for former-senator Michael Rubio's 16th district seat.         

In order to be in the game, Perez says you have to play by the rules and so today with the help of supporters, she became an official candidate running for the 16th district seat.

The search for a new home started three days ago with plenty of help coming from campaign supporters.

"I have been utterly amazed at how many friends, family, church members we're out in the district, driving around, looking at rental properties, talking to owners with a list of properties from property management places.  It was pretty incredible to watch how many people came together in such a short period of time," said Perez.

The election division cleared campaign officials to run, but the secretary of state reversed that decision.

"It's fair.  They’ve made their decision.  We are prepared to live by it just like everybody else will and we're moving forward.  It's a small hiccup but we're rocking and rolling," said Perez.

There's a little over seven weeks left before the election giving Perez a short time to meet with voters.

"It's going to be a very quick election.  We're really excited and there's a lot of energy out there and just look forward to working hard,” said Trent Hager, campaign manager.

Campaign leaders will have volunteers going door-to-door; making phone calls on Perez's behalf and even run television ads.

"You know what, we're just going to move forward and we're going to present to the voter her plan for the district and how those families that go to work and work hard every day need a raise.  She believes in a hand up, not a hand out, and we'll be presenting that message very soon," he said.

Fran Florez announced she's dropping out of the 16th senate district race and we're told by leaders with the Perez campaign that this will secure Perez's endorsement from the California Democratic Party.

The special general election takes place in July and the primaries are set for May 21st.   


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