Lifeguard saves little boy at Operation Splash

Boy goes underwater; rescued by lifeguard

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - What started out as a day of fun-in-the-sun quickly turned into a frightening reminder of the importance of pool safety.

On Friday, Operation Splash was in full swing at the N.O.R. pool near North High School.

Thanks to a grant from Kaiser, officials were able to give free swim lessons.

That afternoon everyone was having fun in the pool until a little boy who didn't know how to swim went underwater and a lifeguard jumped in after him and pulled him out. 

Witnesses said the lifeguard was swift and made the rescue in seconds.

Officials at N.O.R. said that is exactly why they have lifeguards on duty and why they so strongly promote swim lessons for both kids and parents alike.

Their free lessons are all signed up, but they do have several swim lessons available for children with disabilities. For more information you can visit 

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