Lincoln Day Dinner brings together many area Republicans

Local Republicans look at ways to help party grow


Republicans in Kern County are celebrating our 16th president by talking about key issues.


The annual Lincoln Day dinner also gives leaders a chance to help re-energize the party.


From budget cuts to gun control, Congressman Kevin McCarthy hopes president Lincoln’s values and ideas can be used to reach out to other local republicans and help the party grow.   


The annual Lincoln Day dinner is the largest fundraiser for local republicans...a chance to celebrate victories and look at ways to improve.


"When the republicans look at the individual freedoms, the idea of liberty, the idea of entrepreneurship, it is a party that can

expand where we are today," said McCarthy.


As the deadline approaches for the budget control act to take effect, the congressman says lawmakers have to find a way to put Americans in a better path.


"If you take the zeros away and you put a family income, the U.S. Government makes about $24,500 a year, but they spend $35,500 so they spend $11,000 more than they bring in so, they are going to put it on the credit card we already owe $160,000 so we have a spending problem," he said.


Mccarthy says he's looking forward to continuing having the debate over gun control in congress.  Just as teacher, Ryan Heber sat in the crowd reflecting on that shooting at Taft High School earlier this year.


"What we really need to look at first and foremost is mental health because there is a denominator that goes through every one of these horrible cases, it's the health of the individual and we need to be able to solve that problem before they get into that situation," said McCarthy.


The congressman says taking the politics out of issues and think about what's best for America can help improve the debate. 


"How do we make America move forward where we can actually compete with the rest of the world," he adds. 

Congressman McCarthy hopes tonight's dinner motivated the crowd to get supporters to help take the party to the next level.  

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