Local 6th graders bring audience to tears, to compete in history contest at Washington, D.C.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Sixth graders from Thorne Elementary School will represent Kern County and the state of California in Washington, D.C., next month as they compete with other students from around the world in a national history competition

This particular group of students received an invitation to compete in the nation's capital after winning the California State History Day competition. 

They performed in a reenactment of what life was like for Japanese Americans while they were interned in the 1940s.

They chose this topic as part of this yea's history day theme -- rights and responsibilities. 

"The government's responsibility to treat everyone equal," said 6th grader, Alexis Hill. 

Their performance was filled with such reverence and emotion that it filled many to tears, including two Japanese Americans who were there to watch during the performance rehearsals. 

"When I see the younger generation talking about this, it impresses me and I'm grateful," said Saburo Masada, a Japanese American who was interned during World War II. 

For these students it has been an incredible learning experience to have people like Masada watch and support them so closely.

"People that experienced something horrific survived it and are here to help us learn," said one of the competing students, Gigi Mauer. 

The 6th graders are very excited to travel and compete among others in Washington, D.C., but first they must raise about $17K to pay for all the expenses. 

If you would like to help these kids reach their way to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can visit their website and make a donation. 


Click here to make a donation.


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