Local American detained in North Korea breaks his silence

Mathew Miller calls for faster U.S. help

North Korea has given foreign media access to three detained Americans who said they have been able to contact their families and -- watched by officials as they spoke -- called for Washington to send a representative to negotiate for their freedom.
The three -- including Mathew Miller from Bakersfield --  all described their situations as urgent.
"Very soon I'm going to trial and I will directly be sent to prison," Miller said. "I think this interview is my final chance to push the American government into helping me."
North Korea's government news agency reported that Miller was taken into custody in mid-April.
The agency said he tore up his tourist visa, planning to seek asylum in North Korea. For what purpose, the state news agency did not say.

Fellow American tourist Jeffrey Fowle is expected to face trial within a month for alleged anti-state crimes, and said he does not know what punishment he could face or what the specific charges are against him.

Kenneth Bae, a tour guide and missionary serving a 15-year sentence, said his health has deteriorated at the labor camp where he works eight hours a day.
They all spoke with The Associated Press at a conference center in Pyongyang.
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