Local bus drivers speak out against violent viral videos

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Some recent viral videos are showing bus drivers lashing out at unruly passengers. 23 ABC spoke to former bus driver and current bus driving instructor Michael Johnson about the daily challenges these drivers face.

Johnson said, "I have to constantly be in my mirrors I have to be looking at what other people are doing and while I'm doing all of this I'm also taking in information from the customer who's asking am I going to be downtown in time."

One video shot in Baltimore shows a driver wresting a passenger to the back of the bus while exchanging blows. Another video from Cleveland shows a driver knocking an unruly passenger out with one punch.

Both videos have already been watched by millions of people but Johnson believes the videos don't show the entire picture, "a lot of things happen to drivers that aren't shown and my first defense when I seen that video was what did the customer do to the driver."

Johnson says there's more to the job than turning the wheel, you have to be able to turn the other cheek as well.

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