Local Catholics 'overjoyed, excited' about election of new pope and his chosen name

St. Francis parishoners thrilled about chosen name


Parishioners at Saint Francis church received even better news than they had hoped for when they found out mid-mass that a new pope had been elected.
"This is history in the making getting a Latin American pope," said parishioner Celia Pinal.
"I think we needed a pope with a little more culture in him besides European. I think that's a beautiful thing to have," said parishioner Emily Ripperger.
Not only that, Pope Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina chose the name Francis-- after Italian Saint Francis of Assisi who identified with peace, poverty and a simple lifestyle.
"It's marvelous. I want to see what he's going to do in honor of Saint Francis," said Ripperger.
"The name itself will carry us well in the mission of faith," said Pinal.
A mission that has been clouded by recent scandal overshadowing the catholic church.
"When you're in a position with that much power satin is after you so i think just maintaining his faith strong and keeping that up is going to be a challenge for him," said Ripperger.
Parishoners hope a new pope will bring a new face of change to the church and a renewed interest in Catholicism.
"I hope this will open the world to see what we really are about and generate some interest in our faith," said Ripperger.
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