Local Catholics want to see change from new Pope

Hopeful of peace and unity across the world

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - At Saint Phillip Catholic Church in Bakersfield, local Catholics are thrilled by the news of Pope Francis.

"Oh, it's thrilling. I'm sure he's going to be wonderful because they know what they're doing and he's God-given and we need him. We need someone leading us through this," Mary Fondacaro, a church member, said.
"It's a pretty tough world we live in and leadership for Christianity is very important to Catholics as well so we're very pleased," Pat Skrable, a church member, said.
A new Pope also means new changes to the Catholic church, and many seem optimistic of what's to come and what the Pope can bring to Catholics around the world.
"I think peace should be number one," Jocelyn Angeles, a church member, said.
Monsignor Raul Sanchez, a pastor at Saint Phillip Catholic church hopes the Pope will be a good leader.
"We know he is coming to a modern time in which we need to continue to need a holy father that reaches to all over the world."
"We're just hopeful that the holy spirit guides his actions and that he will lead the Catholic church and all of Christianity into a new era," Skrable said.


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