Bakersfield collector acquires classic firearm owned by WWII hero Audie Murphy

1905 Colt pistol finds home in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Dr. Jim Phillips can be found preaching the gospel at Valley Baptist Church, but when he's not spreading the word, he's on a mission.

A mission to locate antique Colt firearms.

Earlier this year, he came across a 1905 Colt single action Army Bisel model flat top target pistol.

But this was no ordinary Colt.

More than 100 years old, it had a history that placed it in the holster of perhaps one of the greatest American war hero's of all-time.

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The pistol was a gift to Audie Murphy.  Yes, THE Audie Murphy.

The soldier who was wounded at least twice, credited with more than 300 German kills and awarded numerous medals including the Medal of Honor.

So, when the chance came to acquire this unique firearm (that was given to Murphy by Gary Cooper), he traded a Patek Phillippe watch for it.

Cooper had gotten a mold of Murphy's hand, to have the pearl handles specially made for his grip.

You can read more about the journey of this gun in the attachment, and some more history behind it.

The gun is now part of an Audie Murphy exhibit at a museum.

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