Local company uses social media to catch crook

Only took two hours to learn thief's name

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The moment officials at MTS Stimulation Services in Northwest Bakersfield realized they'd been burglarized they stormed social media for help.

The oil well company plastered a surveillance photo of the suspected thief on craigslist, facebook and sent countless emails.

MTS Safety Manager Doug Patrick told 23ABC, "within probably two hours we started getting responses on the phone and via email".

Kern County Sheriff Detectives say it was the company's quick involvement in getting the suspect's information out to the public that had the man arrested in a few days.

Patrick hopes other people stuck in this scenario will be empowered by his story.

"You can do something and the more effort you put in to solving your problem the quicker and easier your problem is gonna be resolved," Patrick said.

The company got back one specialized piece of equipment but is still searching for one of their portable welders.


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