Local couple shares kidneys

Man donates kidney to girlfriend

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It can usually take years to find an organ donor if you need one, but for one local couple, all they needed was each other.

When Darren Sauro met Caryn Reilly on an online dating website over three years ago, they immediately hit it off.

"She was very shy, I did most of the talking, but I think we were both looking for something kind of new," Sauro said.

He knew she was full of life, despite her struggle to hold on to her own life.

"My body was attacking my kidneys and they were failing," Reilly said.

And with three kids, it was a constant struggle to provide and take care of her own family.

"That was, by far, the hardest thing to deal with, feeling like I couldn't take care of them," she said.

When doctors told her it would be at least a seven year wait for a kidney transplant, she felt helpless. Then, Darren had an idea.

"I thought, 'What are the chances of me being a match?' and I said, 'let me go get checked' and I ended up being a very high match for her."

Darren and Caryn began the grueling, four month process of preparing for a kidney transplant. The surgery went flawlessly and the results were surreal.

"She started getting color in her skin, her hair became shiny," he said.

Three years later, they can finally live life to the fullest, but never without taking anything for granted.

"The gift that he gave me is huge and I'm so grateful for him for doing it," she said.

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