Local family unsatisfied with diagnosis

Family goes to LA for aid

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A family contacted 23ABC after a UCLA doctor diagnosed their mother with nerve damage and they could not get her treatment prescription filled.

77-year-old Olivia Marquez is insured through Kaiser. The family says she has seen several doctors in the network, over a 10 year period, to try and find out why she has been in constant pain. The family said that Kaiser doctors diagnosed her with chronic pain, but they were unsatisfied with that diagnosis.

The family went to an out of network doctor at UCLA last week, where they say that doctor instantly diagnosed her with nerve damage caused by scar tissue. The family says the scar tissue was from a burn and previous surgeries that their mom had years ago.

The doctor prescribed a medication to treat the nerve damage, but the family said that Kaiser will not fill that prescription because it was prescribed out of network.

The out of pocket cost for the prescription is $250 a month and the family feels that their Kaiser insurance should cover it. 

Kaiser Permanente released this statement:

"Kaiser Permanente's first priority is to ensure quality care for our members. I am sorry we cannot comment as  Federal and State privacy laws prevent us from doing so."

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