Local farmers join together for Spraysafe event

Pesticide spray drift incidences are dramatically down in Kern County ever since a group of local farmers got together to create a coalition about pesticide safety.

The Kern Agriculture Community continues to promote successful spray safe efforts.

On Friday, a thousand individuals, including farm workers, pesticide sprayer applicators, and farmers, got together to share information to enhance worker safety and protect public health through more affective communications.

"It takes one person to spray 30 people and at this event we have educated over a thousand people to spray zero," said Jeff Rasmussen, organizer.

The spray safe program was initiated in Kern County and because of its success, has been implemented in other counties throughout the state.

"It takes hundreds of thousands of people to prevent one accident and it only takes one person to make a mistake," said Senator Jean Fuller.

The Spraysafe event is an additional measure to provide continuing education on new and improved practices, technologies and precautions to improve farm safety.

Organizers said the event speaks for itself on the fact that ever since it started, over-spray events have been drastically reduced.

"Their at the place now where they are trying to maintain and almost perfect record. They had no drifts last year at all and that's substantially better when they started in 2005," said Fuller.

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