Local group helps kids with parents in prison have a Merry Christmas and they need your generosity

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It’s a sad reality that some kids won’t be able to be with their parents this Christmas, but one local group is working to help kids whose parents are in prison have a better holiday.

Sunday Dec. 15 St Johns Baptist church will be overflowing with Christmas joy as Angel Tree holds its annual party.

You make sure than none of the hundred plus kids at the party goes without a present this Christmas.

Having a parent in prison can be a heavy burden for a child to carry.

That’s why Angel Tree aims to lift that burden for local kids at Christmas.

The local branch of Angel Tree says their program has grown over the last three years and now they hope to help more than a hundred kids.

The group allows incarcerated parents to write a personal message to their child and suggest a gift they think their kid will like.

The presents are all donated, but organizer Natasha Austin says they are about forty gifts short for this Sunday’s party.

Austin say it’s a way for kids with parents in prison to still feel loved and remembered at Christmas.

If you would like to help buy a present for a local kid in need you can call the church office for more information at 661-324-5683.

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