Local junior high school student remains hospitalized after a school fight

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A student at Tevis Junior High remains hospitalized after a fight on campus. 

The teenager hit the ground during that fight, hitting his head on concrete. He was flown to the children’s hospital in Madera and his condition remains unknown.

“A recent program that we’ve implemented is safe school ambassadors,” Gerrie Kincaid – the Assistant Superintendent with the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District – told 23ABC. “We’re training students to work together and with staff to kind of settle situations that might lead to bullying or to fights.”

Bakersfield police said Tuesday their investigation into the fight is ongoing and no charges have been filed.

“I think that with something that serious the school should notify parents,” said parent Arleana Waller. “You get nervous because you don’t know if something like that could happen to your child.”

Friends told us that the young boy was not the type to seek physical confrontation.

23ABC chose not to name the other student involved in the incident.

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