Local man fights to get a refund after business fails to put tint on his car

Customer waits three weeks and still no tint

BAKERSFIELD - A Bakersfield man says he was cheated out of money after taking his car to a local company to get it tinted.

It's a lesson he hopes no one else will ever experience.  

Sean Biscoe spent the last three months saving up just to improve the looks on his car.

"I've wanted to get it done, but I know that the heat has passed but at least now I’ll be ready," he said.

Biscoe researched online and decided to give his business to RBI Window Tint, a small local company in north Bakersfield, but it didn't turn out the way he expected.

"They took the car for a few hours and I came back a few hours later and they said well, we ran out of tint so, come back next Sunday so I said okay I’ll just come back," he said.

When he returned the following week, the business was closed.  So, he called the numbers on the door and no one answered.

"I live all the way out by Stockdale High School.  This isn't down the street from me, otherwise I wouldn't be so upset, but gas is high.  So, driving clear across Bakersfield and going back home is a wasted trip," he said.

We went to the shop and it wasn't open, but when owners eventually showed up we talked to them about the matter.

"We're a tiny company so it's just my husband and I.  When we have to go out on location, we have to close down the store so, unfortunately the first time he missed us," said Jewell Breadmont, co-owner of the company.

Breadmont and her husband have run the company since 2006 and say they have never had a problem with customers before.

"We have a good following but once in a while you just can't make everyone happy. We're sad, but what can we do except refund the customer money and say we apologize and we hope this is a good safe effort that you'll be happy," she said.

Owners say it was a big misunderstanding and a conflict in scheduling but are willing to work it out so that everyone is happy.

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