Local man prepares to hike Mt. McKinley with only one leg

Hike lasts more than three weeks

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Scott Faulkenburg has been hiking for more than 20 years, and like all good stories it started with a bet.

"It started about 20 years ago, my uncle and I made a bet to see who could climb the highest summit in the 50 states first", Faulkenburg said.

Since then he's defeated dozens of pinnacles including Mt. Whitney and Mt. Rainier but in four months he plans on winning this wager by summiting Mt. Mckinley.

At more than 20,000 feet tall Mt. McKinley is the highest peak in North America, so reaching the top is no small task.

Faulkenburg explained, "I think it's about a 40% success rate".

The most impressive part of this challenging climb is the fact that this father of three will be doing it all on one leg.

"I'll be the first one-legged climber to go with a regular group", Faulkenburg said.

Scott lost a portion of his leg several years ago to cancer but friends say with every stride he takes, his accomplishments stay humble.

His story of relentlessness is one we could all learn from.

"Just figure out a way to do it, it's possible. It might be one step or one hop away but it's possible, you have to start somewhere", Faulkenburg explained.

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