Local man stops speed demons in neighborhood, learned the hard way

Rush hour traffic unwelcomed by residents

The need for speed has some residents upset in southwest Bakersfield and one man is trying to get drivers to slow down.


"[This sign] reminds them because we don't have any speeding signs up and down here so nobody knows," Louis Hoyt, a resident, said.


The corner of Quailwood drive and Via Riata is a problem area during rush hour when commuters use the neighborhood route to bypass traffic.


"It makes me angry because I don't want my kid to get hit or anybody to get hit for that matter and I just want my kids to be able to play safe out here," Kari Bradburn, a neighbor, said.


The issue of speeding also hits close to home for Louis.


"Over a year ago I was doing 30 on Brundage Lane at 6:30 at night and a little boy came out from between two cars and I hit him and killed him," Hoyt said.


Although he had to learn the hard way, he wants to do everything he can to stop another accident from happening again.


"If I can save someone else from hitting a child, or an adult, or a dog or cat, I'll spend all day out here it doesn't bother me at all," Hoyt said.

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