Local McDonald's restaurant helps raise money for Hart Elementary School

17th annual McTeacher Night brings huge crowd

BAKERSFIELD - Several local teachers served up a few life lessons for students at a southwest McDonald’s restaurant this evening and it was all for a good cause.

They call it McTeacher Night, a celebration of local educators and all the things they do to help make learning easier and fun.

“Welcome to McDonald’s,” said one of the teachers.

And with those simple words teachers at Hart Elementary School gave students several reasons to pay them a visit, even after class was over.

"We're ready over here," she said.

McDonalds on White Lane near Gosford is helping the school raise much needed funds for books, supplies and other classroom materials.

"With budgets as tight as they are, we feel that this is a way of being able to go ahead and give back to the community," said Ana Johns, owner of the McDonald’s.

McTeacher Night gives Hart Elementary 20 percent of all sales made at McDonald's during a two and a half hour period which organizers say can add up.

Each teacher trains on the register and manage to bring a smile to customers at the drive-thru window, which managers say are all key for having any successful restaurant.

“A smile is very important to us because of return business and customers are our number source," said Jaukkel Pitts, McDonald’s store manager.

The fundraiser can generate anywhere between $600 to $1,600 and give students a chance to see their teachers in a different role.

"It's just weird because you never see them out of school. It’s like fun to see them working other than school," said Justin Nylander, 11, student at Hart Elementary School.

Teachers say it’s also a good lesson for students to learn.

“I think it shows them that we can do whatever we want to do in life and it shows them the opportunity and it shows that if we can do it, they can do it," said teacher, Carol Galagan.

Owners at this McDonald's location presented the idea to leaders at Hart Elementary school 17 years ago and have made it an annual tradition.

For a picture of tonight's event check out: www.facebook.com/carloscorrea23abc

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