Local music genius makes a parody of 'Royals' and his hometown of Oildale

OILDALE, Calif. - An Oildale man created a ‘royal’ song inspired by his hometown.

Sean Flowers first posted his local hit on Facebook. He plays to the tune of Lorde’s hit song ‘Royals.’ After getting positive feedback, he decided to upload the song to YouTube. At last check, it had more than 12,000 views.

“Everybody knows the stigma of Oildale, so I just put that into the words,” Flowers told 23ABC.

The song makes references to Oildale residents drinking and walking around publicly without shirts.

“Since I live in Oildale, I decided to make it about what I see every day,” he said.

23ABC asked several Oildale residents what they thought of the song.

“Everything’s dead on,” Rodney Douglas said. Another resident, Ruth Rodriguez, told us she found the song funny because it was “so true.” Melinda Martinez said she could see how some residents may be offended, but that she views the song as a clever satire.

Flowers said he hasn’t received any negative feedback over the lyrics. He’s planning to record a music video for “Oildale Royals” next week.

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