Local plastic surgeon tries P-STEM technology instead of prescribing pain medication

External ear device is FDA approved

Each year, millions of people abuse prescription drugs but one local plastic surgeon is stepping outside his comfort zone to stop this epidemic.


"I have a vision for this to help, literally, millions of people," Dr. Birnbaum, a well-known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and Bakersfield, said.


The P-STIM is an FDA approved, non-surgical external ear device designed to help patients cure chronic pain without prescribing painkillers.


 "It should be the number one procedure in the country. Instead, it's hardly used at all," Dr. Birnbaum said.


Candus Houchin has suffered from severe migraines since she was 13 and tried numerous pain medications to control them.


"When I had the P-STIM on, which was a total of eight days I had it on, I did not have one of those headaches," Houchin said.


For more information, call Dr. Birnbaum's office at (310)556-5663.

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