Local restaurants plagued by copper mug theft

Copper mugs are vanishing off the shelves

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "It was a lot, like 30 mugs, and now we're down to four as you can see", Luigi's bartender Jennie Crosby explained about the restaurant's copper mug shortage.

A Moscow Mule is made with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, but isn't complete until it's poured into one of those prized copper mugs.

Padre manager MJ told 23ABC, "A lot of people think that, they believe that, pouring it in a copper mug keeps it extremely cold and if you like cold drinks then it's going to be perfect for spring."

Local restaurants can't seem to keep the mugs on their shelves, but is it because of the precious metal they're made of?

Crosby said, "I really think it's more of a keepsake for a Luigi's guest but then I could be wrong because people are taking wire out of air conditioners to melt it down."

Whatever the reason, the vanishing mugs are costing local restaurants hundreds a month to restock in order to make the in demand Moscow Mule drink.

Bartenders are stepping up security to keep these mugs in their rightful place, at the bar.

"I literally have to hold onto the credit card until they bring the mug back", Crosby explained.



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