Local runners who participated in the Boston Marathon have mixed reaction to bombers' death, capture

Local runners who were in Boston Marathon react

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Local runners who participated in the Boston Marathon have mixed reactions about the death and capture of the bombing suspects.

One of the runners is back home in Bakersfield Friday while the other is in Philadelphia. Both a far enough from Boston but last night's events are still close to their hearts

Brian Lee and Hope Roe both ran the Boston Marathon Monday and escaped unharmed.

Roe is on the east coast while Lee is now home in Bakersfield.

"I am glad to be back home. I've never been so happy to be home," said Lee.

Lee and his family stayed in a hotel just a couple miles from where everything has unfolded.

"That's the scary thing. Watertown was probably three miles away but we happened to be taking a tour through M.I.T. and the Harvard area. When I let my wife know it was a scary realization," said Lee.

Lee and Roe's husband Dennis said the last 24 hours seem surreal.

"I was pleased that they found them. I am not very happy one guy is dead because I'd like to find out  the story, why they did this, what were their motives, what were their goals," said Roe.

"Of course we would've rather had him alive to find out if there's any other connections to find out if there's any other plots against the United States," said Lee.

"But I'm still happy that he's dead. That's what I wish for both of them eventually once we find out what the story is," said Roe.


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