Tehachapi teenager turns hobby into successful online business

Scrappy Happiness helps people with scrapbooking

TEHACHAPI, Calif. -  

A young man from Tehachapi is using his creativity and self-taught skills to help people all over the world.  Through his own company, old photo albums are being spruced up and it’s preserving personal history.

It all started in a place where most teenagers spend a lot of time and that’s the Internet where one click has turned a hobby into a six-figure business.

Drew Scott is a regular teenager who enjoys spending time with friends, family and his dog Ozzy, but what he enjoys the most is scrapbooking.

“I just personally like how artistic it is, I guess you can say. Just because I really enjoy doing art so, it’s a form of art and a form of graphics in a way just because I’m able to incorporate colors and textures,” he said.

Scott developed all his skills through online videos at the age of 13, and eventually became so good that he launched his own YouTube channel.  A year later his own web business called Scrappy Happiness .

“There are all sorts of scrapbooking you can do, like big albums with 12 by 12 pages or you can do small mini albums.  There’s different ways,” said Scott.

 Scott’s scrapbooking videos catch a lot of attention with more than 9,000 subscribers and 1.5 million views and an opportunity he couldn’t ignore.

 “I had no idea what he was doing and I wasn’t worried because he was home. He was good and so all of a sudden I had a call from Prima Marketing, which is the biggest scrapping booking company.  They called me and asked if he can do videos for them at a pretty good price for an hour video,” said mother, Delania Scott.

Last year his company brought in about $130,000, which he uses to reinvest back into the business.  Scrappy Happiness is run by his aunt who handles shipping and his mom in charge of customer service and re-orders.

 “He found out that people were interested in him.  It was good because he was a boy in that industry. It’s mostly an older crowd, women.  So, to have a boy that was scrapbooking and only 14.  They were all interested in him and we would go to trade shows and companies would want to talk to me about him and doing stuff for their company because he was a big draw,” said Scott.

 Drew Scott plans to graduate from Tehachapi High School this spring and was recently accepted at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles.

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