Local veteran who lost everything in a fire is helped by a fellow veteran

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An army veteran who lost nearly all of his belongings in a fire on Memorial Day is being helped by another local veteran.

Dan Huddelston, 72, fought for his country during the Cuban missile crisis. But last week, the battle against the fire that waged war on his home was lost.

He lost his trailer and most of his possessions, including his wheel chair.

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But another local war veteran who saw the story on 23ABC News felt the need to help. Justin Davis, who fought overseas in Afghanistan, has been collecting items for tornado victims in Oklahoma. He had already collected enough to fill a semi truck, when he saw what happened to Huddelston.

"We get to live everyday the way we live because of men like Dan who served our country and it is so minimal what I am doing for these people compared to what they've done for us. It's something that should be done," said Davis.

23ABC News was able to put Davis in contact with Huddelston's family and it got the ball rolling.

Davis started a Facebook campaign and before long, a wheelchair was donated by a local firefighter.  Capt. Eaamon Sullivan's son Deagon suffers from Cerebral Palsy but is too small for one of his chairs.

"Deagon always talks about wanting to be an army guy or an Alaskan state trooper so when he heard that it was for a veteran, it hit real close to home and he was gun hoe, that's who we should give it to," said Sullivan.

Davis was also able to gather cash donations to help get Huddelston a new trailer, as well as some appliances. The Veterans Administration has also offered to pay for two months of rental space for his trailer.

Huddelston said that the kindness shown to him by Davis and Sullivan has inspired him to do the same.

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