Local war veteran asking for donations to help fellow veterans who lost their homes in OK tornado

Asking for clothes, shoes, toys and toiletries


After fighting in Iraq for eight years and surviving a traumatic brain injury in Afganistan, war veteran Justin Davis tries not to take life for granted.


"Little things are more important to me than they were in the past," Davis said.


But when he head the horrible news that an EF-5 tornado touched down in Oklahoma, he immediately thought of his friends who served with him in Iraq.


"I got ahold of them and they said, 'We have nothing. Our houses are gone, we have nothing to start with.' Their sisters, their brothers, their moms, everyone. They're devastated," Davis said.


Davis decided to reach out to a personal friend for help to lead an effort to collect items like clothes, shoes, blankets, toiletries and toys to help his friends get back on their feet.


"He called me and said, 'Hey, I need a little help,'" Pete Bozanich, owner of Bozanich Insurance, said. "Can we use your office to store things? and I said, 'Oh gosh, yes. It's yours.'"


"It's a horrible situation for anyone to have to go through, but on top of that they served our country, they've lived in horrible places and done all this stuff for our country and they come home to hopefully peace with their familes. They have to deal with starting completely over again and lose everything they've worked so hard for," Davis said.


But a little help during tough times can go a long way.


"I think the greatest gift we have is the ability to help others and this is the perfect example of how we can all do something really little and it's going to make a huge impact on somebody else's lives," Davis said.


All donations can be dropped off at Bozanich Insurance at 1035 Stine Road, Bakersfield, CA, 93312. For more information, contact Justin Davis at (202) 603-9260.


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