Man accused of killing and burying his friend says he's innocent and burial was cultural ritual

Man accused of cashing in dead friend's checks


Frank Valles is charged with first degree murder in the death of Alphonso John Hyde.

Police said Valles buried him the back yard of his home but kept cashing Hyde’s Indian casino checks for years.

Frank Valles said he didn’t kill Alphonso John Hyde.

He said Hyde died of heart attack as the pair was driving in September of 2008.

Valles said he pulled over, checked on Hyde and then started to drive to the hospital then remembered Hyde had previously asked him to just let him die if he ever had a heart attack.

Valles said he took Hyde’s body back to his home wrapped him in an Indian ceremonial blanket and buried him in his yard.

Police found Hyde’s remains in August in two separate graves at two different homes where Valles stayed.

Valles claims he moved the body because him and his wife were divorcing.

Police said when Valles moved the body he left behind nine bones in the first grave.

Hyde received $10,000 a month in tribal dividend checks.

Valles admitted he kept receiving and cashing those checks even after Hyde died and eventually took in about $600,000. Valles said that’s what Hyde wanted.

Valles said he just wants a fair trial and he plans to act as his own lawyer.

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