Eddie Rivas, man accused of killing teen, leaving body in garage pleads not guilty

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The man accused of killing an 18-year-old girl and leaving the body in a garage made his first appearance in court today Friday.

Eddie Rivas, 20, pled not guilty to first-degree murder charges.

23ABC News obtained the police reports that show the woman found in Rivas' garage was a run away from Ventura and was previously reported missing early this year.

Read police report here - http://bit.ly/10qdDto

Investigators said Mia Ramirez just turned 18-years-old.

She was on juvenile probation and last reported 12 days before her body was found in a garage in the 900 block of Vista Street, where police records show Rivas lived.

Edward Andrade said he walks the neighborhood everyday and passes the home where Ramirez's body was found inside a rolled up carpet.

"I walk up to the fence and see her pictures," Andrade told 23ABC News. "I stand here looking. It's bad what happened."

Police records show Ramirez had deep cuts on the face and neck. Investigators said it seemed as if someone tried to decapitate her.

"Of course this incident brings fear to us living here," Andrade told 23ABC News. Our neighborhood is getting bad and there are so many deaths that continues to happen. "

Court documents obtained by 23ABC News show Rivas may suffer from bipolar disorder. It made mention that Rivas' mother who made the discovery attempted to check her son into the Mary K. Shell Center, but he refused, according to court documents.

Court documents also showed that Rivas filled out the agency's intake questionnaire where and Rivas checked "yes" under the question "do you think you may harm yourself or someone else?"

Since being released from state prison, family members said Rivas acted differently and had previously used crystal meth.

In the court documents , one witness said they saw a second man talking with Rivas and meeting him inside the garage.

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