Man arrested after choking wife at hotel

Guest called 911 after wife yelled for help

CONCORD, Calif. -  

A man was arrested for attempted murder in a hotel room after a guest heard commotion between the couple and called 911.

According to officials, Timothy Whicher became angry at his wife while they were staying at the Highlands Inn because she wanted to leave due to her husband's intoxication and anger.  

Whicher then allegedly grabbed his wife on the deck and began choking her, while telling her he was going to kill her. 

His wife attempted to struggle free and he knocked her to the ground.  She begged him to think of their daughters, thinking she was going to die.  

The guest next door inquired as to what was going on and Whicher said everything was okay. The guest then called 911 after his wife yelled for help.  

At one point, official's said it seemed that Whicher's wife bit him in the hand in an attempt to free herself from him.

Whicher was arrested for attempted murder, spousal abuse, and criminal threats of death.

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