Man describes being hit with shrapnel seconds after the power plant implosion on Coffee Road

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A man describes being hit by flying shrapnel seconds after the implosion of the steam power plant on Coffee Road Saturday morning.

FredĀ GartenĀ said he watched the demolition from the Lowe's parking lot across the street.

"Shortly after the explosion, within seconds, I caught a piece of shrapnel in my right leg," said Garten.

"It kind of felt like a baseball bat, I guess," said Garten.

"I'm glad it happened to me the way it did because I had my son sitting to the right of me and there was a young lady sitting to the left of me, and she caught a piece of it in her ankle as well," said Garten.

Garten said the piece of iron that hit him was about 4" by 6".

"I wanted to keep it, but they took it from me," said Garten.

All of the injured spectators were standing beyond a perimeter set up to ensure public safety, said Kern County Fire engineer Leland Davis.

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