Man rolled back odometers to sell used cars, operated without license, detectives say

BAKERSFIELD - A Bakersfield man could be in hot water with the state after they say he was scamming used car buyers.

According to court documents, the man was altering titles and selling cars to people without a license.

The State Department of Motor Vehicles says the man would purchase used vehicles with high mileage then change the odometer reading to a lower mileage before selling the vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer.

The DMV also says the man was selling vehicles not registered to him and without a dealers license.

The man has not yet been arrested or charged, so 23ABC chose not to name him. Investigators did execute a search warrant out his business in Bakersfield.

It's all part of a statewide crackdown by the Department of Motor Vehicles on people who sell vehicles without a license. DMV says these types of sellers are a source of fraud are a nuisance and are breaking the law.


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