Man's home busted for illegal fireworks

Hundreds of illegal fireworks seized

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - For the second night in a row, county fire investigators busted operations of selling illegal fireworks.

Fire crews said that Wednesday night they busted one man who was selling illegal fireworks out of the trunk of his car at a gas station.

That sting seized 400 pounds of illegal fireworks.

Thursday night the fire investigation team was out again with the sheriff’s department. This time they zeroed in on a home on the 9000 block of Moose Creek Court in east Bakersfield and arrested one man for selling and possessing hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks.

Over the past few days, investigators were successful in teh seizure of about 730 pounds of illegal fireworks, resulting in the felony arrest for two suspects for possession of a large quantity of illegal fireworks.

Kern County Fire Chief Brian Marshall said as we get closer to the Fourth of July they are working overtime to track down and arrest people who are buying and selling illegal fireworks.

Selling illegal fireworks is punishable by felony charges and if you are caught using illegal fireworks your first citation is $1500 dollars. Officials said those caught misusing or altering Safe and Sane fireworks, as well as using fireworks outside the designated times, will face a $500 fine.

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