Many people in Kern County react to Lance Armstrong's confession to Oprah Winfrey

Armstrong's confession gets mixed reaction


The Lance Armstrong interview is a topic many people are talking about including several cycling enthusiast in Kern County.

Armstrong admitting to doping is something that may have come as a shock but it’s also a confession some fans have been waiting for years to hear.

Lance Armstrong's confession to Oprah Winfrey is a hot topic at Alan Bradley's finish line store in Bakersfield.

"It's unfortunate for Lance, for his foundation, for his family, and it must be a sad time for him," he said.

Bradley is a fan of the sport and understands why so many athletes would turn to doping.

"Cycling is probably one of the most grueling sport in the world, especially when you do a three-week race like the tour de France. These guys are putting themselves way out there so, to recover and race like the public wants, like the race’s sponsors want them to win, win, win - sometimes they do things to please other people and then themselves," he said.

Avid bicycle rider Dean Miyeke is disappointed.

"I already gave up on him," he said.

He says whatever Armstrong’s reasons for doping, they're unacceptable.

"He probably felt that it was a leveling playing field in his own mind, but there are other riders who I’ve read about who didn't take enhancing drugs or did any doping on their field so, it wasn't fair," he said.

Some people are defending Armstrong’s use and say he needed it to trainer hard and longer.

"People don't understand.  It's not the steroids that you hear about with baseball guys and football guys that are using it to gain strength.  The idea of doping is essential so, they can recover quicker so they can train more often and longer periods of time," he said.

Fans say Armstrong is and will always be the true athlete that won all those titles.

"Even if he doped, it's still him that actually won the race.  It's his hard training that got him to the level that he got to," he said.

Fans say if there are stricter rules in the sport and harder punishments then athletes like Armstrong would probably think twice about doping.

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