Many people living in Lamont are concerned over broken street lights

Street lights leaving many people in the dark

LAMONT, Calif. -  

There is a growing concern tonight over street lights in a Lamont neighborhood.  People living there say the light standards are not working properly and in some cases, completely out.  Residents on Far Hills Avenue say the darkness is attracting some unwelcome visitors.


Abigail Gutierrez knows when it’s time to go inside.


“I'm scared to go down the mailbox at night sometimes," she said.


By 7 pm it gets so dark in her neighborhood that seeing who's in front of you, she says is impossible.


“It’s really dark and we go inside because sometimes we get scared because there's like dogs and stuff and you don't know if they are going to attack you if you go down the corner," said Gutierrez.


There are approximately 325 light standards in Lamont, two of which are located on Far Hills Avenue.  The one light flicks on and off, and the other never comes on.


“It’s a problem not having lights on the streets.  The neighborhood is dark and makes it easy for thieves to steal when you’re not home,” said Estela Cruz, who has lived in the neighborhood for 8 years.


Cruz has been robbed before and ended up paying extra money to secure her home.


“If we can’t have protection then we should at least have working lights to give us that extra security we need,” she said.


Leaders with the Lamont Public Utility District is helping people turn the lights back on. 


"What we do is we need the pole numbers so if you can provide that information, it is helpful and then we just coordinate with PG&E who actually owns the light standards in Lamont and they schedule it for repair or replacement," said Robert Gorson with the Lamont Public Utility District.


Street lights not working properly or not working at all have to be reported in order for crews to fix the problem.


"We like residents to report because they are good for security among other things.  Occasionally when we have a report because of that reason, maybe it’s near an intersection where children cross so we like to get the poles repaired as soon as possible," he said.


Workers with Lamont Public Utility District did record all the lights not working in this neighborhood and now It’s just a matter of time before crews repair them. 

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