Many young athletes participate in Maze Tennis Tournament despite hot temperatures

Area seeing triple digit temperatures this weekend



Bakersfield is hosting athletes from northern and southern California this weekend during the 40th annual Maze Cup.  The tennis tournament isn't the only thing players are dealing with on the court.

There is plenty of planning that goes into Mackie McDonald’s every match.

“There’ so many things to think about in tennis.  If you have to think about the weather, too it makes it a little bit more difficult out here,” he said.

The sizzling sun is just about the only thing players are thinking about at the Stockdale Country Club where the tournament is taking place.  The other is figuring out just how to stay cool..

“You have to stay hydrated and try not to get too down on your hydration,” he said.

This weekend’s temperatures are expected to be in the triple digits making the court even hotter than usual but it’s these fans out here offering players a little comfort.

“They’re use to it. So, they know all about the hydration, taking their minerals and eating well and going out there and fighting it out,” said Hank Pfister with the tournament.

The canopies at the country club are installed with misters and there’s plenty of water and other drinks to help players on the court.

“I just drank like three bottles of water and Gatorade,” said player, Eduardo Nava.

But it’s not just the young athletes, leaders with the tournament are making sure the real fans are comfortable, too.

“What happens is these kids are all very competitive. They are nationally ranked players. These are the best kids in the country and the heat challenges them a little bit. They get out here and they’re use to fighting, they are used to playing each other and seeing each other from time to time in big events,” said Pfister.

And since the heat doesn’t really look like it’s going away anytime soon, organizers say water, plenty of shade and a little bit fun can help anybody deal with those hot summer 

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