Massive pot busts for Kern County Sheriff's Office

Nearly 300 plants seized in the past two days

A string of massive pot busts for the Kern County Sheriff's Office have taken nearly three hundred marijuana plants off the streets.

Sheriff's deputies have broken up three large grow operations in the past two days.

The first happened Tuesday on South P Street when Kern Narcotics Enforcement Deputies found a marijuana grow in the backyard of a home and arrested 35-year-old Christopher Ball.

Seventy plants were seized and destroyed.

The same team then received a tip that there was a marijuana grow house off of Dewey Street in the CalienteĀ area.

They searched the area and seized 90 plants but made no arrests.

The final bust was on Pasture Street in Tehachapi where 26-year-old Joseph Hodgkinson and 25-year-old Marcus Palmer were arrested for possession of more than 100 plants.

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