Maxwell lays out plans for next term

BAKERSFIELD - Bakersfield restaurant owner Terry Maxwell has won his city council race for ward two over Elliot Kirchenmann by a slim margin.

Maxwell’s ward includes the downtown area and that's a part of Bakersfield that Maxwell says needs a lot of improvement.

Maxwell says during the next four years, he'll use his small business mentality to help run government.

"If you are going to spend money on something like let's say my banquet room needs new carpeting. Well, I’m going to look at the resources I’ve got, how much money I have in the bank? How much is it going to cost and what are the long term benefits of it?” explained Maxwell.

“When you look at The River Walk, when you look at The Market Place, those are nice clean wonderful places. They don't have those problems and they have a tremendous amount of people that are out there all times of the day,” said Maxwell.

He also says projects like the high speed rail cost too much money and need more planning.

"The state doesn't really have the money, unless they use the money from Proposition 30 and instead of using it for schools as they promised, then it maybe be something like high speed rail that they really can't afford,” says Maxwell.

Maxwell also lives in the Westchester neighborhood where homes would be torn down to make room for a proposed 24th street expansion project. He says the expansion is too expensive and unnecessary.

"I can pull out at 7:45 a.m. most mornings and make a left hand turn on 24th Street. I live on the north side of Pine Street, so I'm kind of right in the middle and usually there is enough of a break in traffic. Now if the traffic was that bad on 24th Street, should i be able to that? Probably not,” said Maxwell.

23ABC made several attempts to get in touch with Elliot Kirschenmann, but we did not hear back in time for this story.


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