McFarland making city-wide improvements, will honor cross country coach

McFarland - The city of McFarland is receiving some much needed improvements.

Mayor Manuel Cantu has been working with council members to apply for both state and federal grants that will be used towards different improvement projects across the city.

The most recent improvement project is a resting stop for pedestrians that is being built on the west side of town at the end of West Kern Avenue near SR-99.

The resting stop will included new light fixtures and benches along with a plaque dedicated to Jim White, the coach that lead the McFarland High School track team to 9 state championships. 

"The residents deserve something they can be proud of," said Cantu. "It's hard to be proud of something that doesn't have that appeal, that attraction."

New sidewalks have already been installed to the East side of town. Cantu said the improvements will continue through West Kern Avenue and Second Street. 

"it's almost like McFarland is like a shelter dog. You don't see how beautiful it can be until somebody pays it the right kind of attention and that seems to be happening now," said resident Eve Henderson, who is excited about the changes. 

Residents also approved city bonds that will go to building a new stadium at McFarland High School along with a new elementary school that will be breaking ground this summer. 

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