McFarland police arrest man wanted in stabbing and burglary

Stabbing victim in stable condition

McFarland Police arrest one man in possible connection with a stabbing and burglary that took place Tuesday. 
According to Police, they were sent to the Delano Regional Medical center where they discovered a victim who suffered a stab near his neck and mid-section of his back. 
The victim was transported to the Kern County Medical Center for emergency surgery and is currently in stable condition. 
While McFarland Police investigated the situation, they learned that the victim and his cousin were in alteration with the suspect, Jose Lopez, when Lopez apparently used a knife to stab the victim. 
Police were able to locate Lopez who had admitted to stabbing the victim in self-defense. 
Lopez could also face charges on an unrelated burglary case, in which he admitted to breaking into and house and stealing jewelry, said Police. 
Lopez was booked at the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Central Receiving Facility.
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