McFarland Police prepare to handle various emergencies during special training

Trainers plan to make workshop annual event

MCFARLAND, Calif. - A first-of-a-kind training in McFarland is helping police officers prepare for the worse.

It gives them a chance to deal with a potential crisis that may happen at a school or even a large public venue.

“What you’ll probably see is patrol responding after they’ve gotten here and put together a quick team, and responding to an active shooter,” said Sgt. Steve Nieves of McFarland Police Department.

The cry for help and the sound of gunfire can easily cause panic in any community.

The shooting at McFarland High School is not real, just an exercise that trains police officers on dealing with critical situations.

"We want to prepare ourselves as best as we can so, if anything does happen we can respond appropriately and deal with the situation and save lives," he said.

Everyone involved in the training plays a vital role in helping officers prepare for any emerency, from the suspect to the victims and even the witnesses.

"All of the information is important. People have different views or they may have seen something different. People dress differently, people may look at the same thing, but still see something different, but any information we can offer to the officer to keep them save and anyone else that is around safe and keeping them informed," said Christy King, dispatch records supervisor.

Teams take note and evaluate each exercise.  It gives trainers a chance to make changes or improve on how they responded to emergencies.

"You have to train in order to be able to deal with situations. You can try to plan for them but unless you actually go to that particular training to know what it feels like, its invaluable."

Leaders with the McFarland Police Department say they plan on making this critical incident training an annual event.

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