Mega Millions drawing reaches second highest jackpot

$586 million up for grabs tonight

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Tuesday night you could turn one dollar into $586 million during the Mega Millions drawing.

From coast to coast, people are flooding gas stations and grocery stores trying to crack the code on the instant rags to riches jackpot.

Experts say the odds may be stacked against you at one in 259 million.

Tuesday's grand prize is the second largest in the lottery's history.

Last year the record-setting jackpot was $656 million.

Bakersfield native Ronnie Orender, a now retired truck driver, won the Mega Million prize in 2011 and earned a reported $32.2 million by taking the lump sum prize.

Tonight's drawing is scheduled to take place at 8pm and if no victor is named by Christmas Eve, experts say, the jackpot could reach one billion.



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