Mega Millions jackpot grows to $550 million dollars

Next drawing is Tuesday

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The numbers for the highly anticipated Mega Millions Lottery game are out and officials say there's no winners tonight.

The jackpot now grows to $550 million dollars.

On Tuesday, the jackpot rolled over for the 20th time, reaching $425 million dollars.  The game is bringing hope to many players who already have plans for the cash.

"Give to my church and then I would go on a cruise," said Ann Devries of Bakersfield.

"I think I would buy a yacht and cruise the Bahamas," said Mike Dean who buys tickets regularly.

"I would pick some charities to donate to like the homeless shelters or churches," said Marily Locey of Bakersfield.

"Build a dog shelter for all the wild animals in Bakersfield so, that way they can have a home," said Bob Larsen of Bakersfield.

Even on social media people are talking about the jackpot and what they would do with the money.

"Remodel my mom's kitchen," said Shay.

"Pay off student loans and create a college fund for my baby and open a restaurant," said Leslie.

"I would open a community center for under privileged youth and give $10 million dollars in scholarships and invest," said Devin.

"I would buy a home, give money to friends and buy all exotic cars I want," said Joe.

"I would retire my parents," said Martha.

There's no real science behind picking the winning numbers, but the lotto says you do have a 1 in 15 chance of taking home.

Over at Howard's Market ticket sales are up thanks to the $1.5 million dollar lotto ticket sold in September and could possibly the site of a new jackpot winner.

Again, no winner Friday night.  The next drawing is Tuesday with the jackpot estimated at $550 million dollars.


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