Mercy and Memorial Hospitals deliver grants to local non-profits

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Nine organizations selected to receive funding from the Dignity Health Community Grants Program will receive checks directly from members of the grant review committee on Wednesday, January 9, beginning at 9:00 AM.

The group will visit nine of the ten agencies that have received grants from Mercy and Memorial Hospitals to deliver the funds and meet the people involved in the programs the funds will assist.
The Dignity Health Community Grants Program was established in 1990 as a system-wide opportunity to partner with other non-profit organizations who are working to improve the health status and quality of life in communities where Dignity Health hospitals are located.
Since it began, the Dignity Health Community Grants Program has awarded $2,748,394 to 53 different organizations in Kern County. This year, Mercy and Memorial Hospitals are distributing $234,484 to ten local not-for-profit organizations.
The following agencies will receive grants from Mercy and Memorial Hospitals:
Advanced Center for Eyecare                                                     $30,000
Alzheimer's Disease Association of Kern County                $29,000
California Veterans Assistance Foundation, Inc.                 $25,000
Golden Empire Gleaners                                                              $25,000
MARE Therapeutic Riding Center                                              $25,000
MOVE International                                                                        $10,000
St. Vincent De Paul Stores and Center                                    $39,600
The Hope Center                                                                             $10,884
Valley Achievement Center                                                        $20,000
West Side Community Resource Center                                $20,000
Each Dignity Health hospital has a grants administrator that oversees the program and works directly with the corporate office to ensure that the guidelines are followed and timelines met. Stephanie Weber serves as the Grants Administrator for both Mercy and Memorial Hospitals. She works with a grants review committee made up of representatives from both hospitals as well as the community. This committee helps determine which agencies will be invited to submit proposals, reviews those proposals, and selects final awardees. The local review committee consists of:  Stephanie Weber, Debbie Hull, Sr. Judy Morasci, Joan Van Alstyne, Jan Glinn, Sandy Doucette, Sue Benham, Pat Campbell, Robin Scott, and Jennifer Nightengale.
Schedule for presentations
Stop – St. Vincent De Paul – 300 Baker Street, 93305
Advanced Center for Eyecare – 1701 Westwind Drive #101, 93301
Valley Achievement Center – 1721 Westwind,
MOVE – 555 California Avenue, Suite 302, 93309
Cal Veterans Assistance – 1400 Easton Drive, #102, 93309
Alzheimer’s Disease – 5500 Olive Drive, Building 1, 93308
The Hope Center – 3311 Manor Drive, 93308
Gleaners – 30th Street, Unit A, 93301
MARE – 18200 Johnson Road, 93314

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