Metropolitan Bakersfield Animal Control Committee talks a combined intake, seperate shelters

City currently pays county to use shelter

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Separate, but equal.

That may be the future of local animal control, if a new series of animal shelters is approved.

Yesterday, members of the Metropolitan Bakersfield Animal Control Committee talked about a combined animal shelter to separate the costs paid by the county and the City of Bakersfield.

The city currently pays the county to use the animal shelter on Mt. Vernon Avenue.

The Mt. Vernon Avenue facility will somewhat stay the same.

The purposed plan indicates that the city will take over the current faculty with some renovations and the county will build a new building on the shared campus.

"The city will have their own facility; the county will have their own facility. We will share some pieces of the facility and that way it's a one stop shop for the public," said Jen Woodard of Kern County Animal Control.

The process is still in the planning stages as both entities are working out the details for the proposed operation. The plan is expected to come to fruition in two years.

“At the end of the day the public would see one location, one place to go to deal with a number of issues," said Steven Teglia Asst. City Manager.

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