Monday more than 50 young people started their summer internships

58 teens start internships at local businesses

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - While many teens are kicking back this summer relaxing, on Monday more than 50 young people started their summer internships.

Its all part of the PG&E summer jobs program.

PG&E and the boys and girls club partnered up to train more than 300 high school students during the school year and 58 of them obtained internships with local businesses and non profits.

They'll be working 20 hours a week and learning skills such as office work, money management, how to do interviews, be punctual and go to work with a good attitude.

Not to mention providing local businesses with some extra help.

"I have a small office of four so having an extra hand to do the little detail work is phenomenal," said Kern County Builders' Exchange Executive Director Mikin McClanahan.

"Love it. I'm doing a lot of work, a bunch of different work. I made a bunch of copies, answer a phone call and fill in for people during breaks when they need me," said intern Kendall Black.

The six week program ends July 26.

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